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Echo Valley is one band you don't want to miss! Their energetic and lively performance has entertained countless crowds since 2009 with their variety of Bluegrass, Americana, Folk and Grassicana styles. With their bright retro apparel and animated stage presence, these five sisters and one brother impress with their tight sibling harmonies and multi-instrument talents. 

Echo Valley plays 60+ dates a year. The band travels the states and has played in many cities such as, Nashville TN, Pigeon Forge TN, Raleigh NC, Fort Myers FL, Columbus Ohio, Pittsburgh PA, and more.

They were selected as an Official Showcase Band for IBMA 2022 and also selected to perform at the Pennsylvania Fairs and Showmen Convention in 2022. A few of their notable appearances have been: Dollywood Theme Park, Mohican Bluegrass Festival, West End Fair, Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, and the Tri-State Bluegrass Festival. 

The band members have won many competitions as individuals. The most notable is their fiddle player, Emily, who is the 2021 Pennsylvania State Fiddle champion as well as the 2018 Maryland State Fiddle champion.

Their latest project, Wildest Dreams (2022), was recorded in Nashville, released on Bell Buckle Records, produced by Donna Ulisse, and sound engineered by Chris Latham and Rebekah Speer. Previous releases include: Echo Valley (2016), Rise and Shine (2018), and Christmas With Echo Valley (2018).


Lizzy plays the guitar and enjoys singing alto and lead. She works hard at marketing, arranging songs, and taking care of bookings. Lizzy makes sure the band makes it to the right place at the right time. She is a shameless Lord of the Rings nerd!


Emily is the band's fiddler. The most decorated band member, she is the 2021 Pennsylvania State Fiddle Grand Champion and the 2018 Maryland State Fiddle Grand Champion. These only add to her long list of championships at multiple fiddle contests. She is an amazing seamstress and has a side business doing prom/wedding alterations. Her favorite pastime is organizing and drinking iced coffee.


Olivia plays banjo, fiddle, and is one of the lead vocalists of the band. She plays a key role in arranging and picking out new songs for the band to perform. Her life's ambition is to play at the Grand Ole Opry and to make a time machine to go back and audition for the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. She loves Jolly Ranchers and reading Sherlock Holmes... at the same time.


Emmaline is the bass player for Echo Valley. She is known for her complicated bass solos and unique sounds she can draw out of the instrument. The bass isn't her only instrument, as she has won multiple guitar competitions and dabbles in mandolin and piano offstage. Her hobbies include reading, writing, working out, and drawing, along with binge watching her favorite movies and TV shows.


Dolly lights up the mandolin with her lightning fast fingers and unbelievable rythm. Along with baking, she enjoys movie soundtracks, reading, and drawing. Contrary to what the rumors say, her mandolin has never actually caught fire during one of her toe tapping solos, though it has smoked a few times.


David is the only guy in Echo Valley. He is a band favorite and people love hearing his Scruggs style banjo playing. During 2020, his voice changed and the whole band is thrilled to finally have a bass singer in the group. When not reading, he works in the shop on his various wood and metal-working projects, designs and 3D prints new gadgets, and helps on the farm.

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