Echo Valley has been entertaining people of all ages since 2009 with their variety of Bluegrass, Gospel, Celtic, and Folk styles. With their unique, farm-raised, blend of six sisters and one brother, this group impresses with their superb stage presence, musicianship, sibling harmonies and multi-instrument talents.


Audiences are captivated with Elizabeth's rich guitar playing; Emily's award-winning fiddling; Isabelle's soulful mandolin picking; Olivia's lively banjo; Emmaline's fabulous bass slapping; Annamae's steady mandolin; and David's show-stopping vocals (and, of course, lots of banjo)!


Echo Valley has played regularly for festivals. A few of their notable appearances have been at: Dollywood Theme Park's Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival, Remmington Ryde, Mickey's Mountain, Coleman Station, Mitch and Cindy's Bluegrass Jamboree, and Three Rivers Arts Festival. In the past, they have performed as a guest with The Farm Hands and opened for Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper, The Darrell Webb Band, and The Larry Stephenson Band!


The band's fiddle player, Emily, has won the 2018 Maryland State Fiddle contest, and is the teen division and grand champ winner at many Pennsylvania contests.


The band has released 3 albums – Echo Valley (2016), Rise and Shine (2018), and Christmas With Echo Valley (2018).


When not out performing, the siblings are hard at work on the family farm in western Pennsylvania.


Elizabeth is the alto and guitarist of the group. An avid musician for 17 years, she also plays the piano, cello and whatever instrument she can get her hands on. She works as a wedding photographer and music teacher. Loving all things in the arts, her free time is spent writing and arranging music, filming and sewing. (And caring for her flock of chickens)


Emily is the band's lead soprano and fiddler. The most decorated band member, she is the 2018 Maryland State Fiddle contest grand champ as well as teen division and grand champ at many western Pennsylvania contests. She teaches violin and works on the mastery of sewing elaborate and beautiful ball gowns.


Isabelle is the high tenor singer and mandolin player. She brings a soulfulness with her vocals, mandolin and fiddle that touches many. When not practicing and arranging music, she can often be found reading or sewing. She takes care of the cows and horses on the farm and owns a miniature donkey business.


Olivia is our fun-loving sister. She contributes greatly with her rich vocals on lead and harmony and her impressive talent of playing multiple instruments: violin, mandolin, and bass. Her ad lib humor brings smiles and laughter to many an audience member. Some of her favorite pastimes are riding horses, drawing, reading and writing.


Emmaline is the bass player in our group. Known as “The pint sized bass player”, Emmaline delights many with her enthusiastic performance. She also sings and is learning the piano and mandolin. When she is not reading a thick chapter book, she can often be found outside with her numerous cats or biking with her siblings.


Annamae is the youngest sister. She sings with the family and has started playing mandolin at many of the band's shows! She is a natural at music and is learning to play the piano and violin. Some of her hobbies include sewing, baking, and biking.


David is the youngest sibling and the only boy in the family! When not singing, he loves playing with his sisters and helping his dad work on the farm. Even though older sisters, Elizabeth and Emily, give him piano and violin lessons, his goal is to play the banjo with the band. He enjoys building and making unique inventions.